announces it will end its free email service

Yesterday, I was greeted with the following email from
IMPORTANT: Regarding your email account free email service will soon be discontinued. At we have enjoyed providing our highly popular free email service to our users over the last 10 years.

Although we have made great innovations to provide you with a top notch service, we have never passed that cost on to our user base.

However, due to the rising costs of maintaining the high level of service, we will no longer provide free emails anymore. However if you still wish to keep your account you can easily switch your account to a Premium email account. Please do so before September 30, 2016.

Our pricing is set so friendly to ensure we can offer you a cheaper solution than other email services like Gmail®, Yahoo!® or®

You can purchase our superb email service here.

Only $20/year for our Exclusive plan with 30GB of storage and $8.88/year for a Premium plan with 8 GB of storage. Click here to learn more about payment.

If you decide not to continue using the service then you have time until September 30, 2016 to download the content of your account using our easy backup guide. Click here to learn more.

After that date, any remaining content in user accounts will be permanently removed from our servers.

Thank you for understanding.
Your Team

© 2016 All rights reserved. Privacy Policy | Terms of Use

Enjoy your day, Team

It was an old account I had my gmail checking faithfully through pop3 from the good old days of the internet. Interestingly, their site still features a link to sign up for a free email account which links you to a page that says “This page is temporarily unavailable.”

An interesting aspect is the take away of people’s personal identity. This email address is you. Now its theirs once again. Any websites which you wish to continue to allow contacting you or your personal contacts will need notified. If you don’t want to lose it your only choice is to pay up. is not as common of an email provider these days as they used to be about 10 years ago, but still they used to be pretty big. What if this wasn’t What if this was gmail suddenly asking you for money to keep your online identity as yours? They will make money where they can, because they are a for profit business after all.

Thank you inbox for 10 years of free service to me. Do not worry I will use another email provider where it is…free…until they pull the plug too.


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